Three Steps To Take the Headache Out Of Your First Group Coaching Program

Developing your first group coaching program can improve your income, expand awareness of your brand, and allow you to form deeper bonds with your clients. Group coaching offers an excellent way to bring your best-proven solutions to a wide range of clients. And working as a group allows for unique opportunities to grow and share experiences as they work toward their goals. Developing your first group coaching program can seem overwhelming, but if you keep these three basic steps in mind, you’ll have a good framework in place.

#1 Who Will Your First Group Coaching Program Serve?

To start you need to know who it is that’s in need of your help. Who is most likely to benefit from your expertise and experience? If you don’t have a clear picture of your target client or you are looking to expand into a new demographic, use the following ideas to hone in on who you will serve. First look at your current clients and marketing demographics:

  • Who follows you on social media?
  • Who reads your blog, watches your videos, and engages with your other content?
  • Who joins your email list or site?
  • Who are your current customers?
  • Who are your current one-on-one coaching clients?

Now you should have a decent snapshot of your ideal demographic. You could also look at any competitors or similar niche businesses to get an idea of who they serve. By doing this you should end up with two or three client avatars. Take these and narrow down to those who would most benefit from your expertise. If you have difficulty with this step, place this in the context of your own knowledge and offering. Who will best be impacted by your coaching? This will give you a good idea of who to offer your first group coaching program to.

#2 Choose a Topic for Your First Group Coaching Program

Now try to narrow down your potential topics. Of all the topics, what is most relevant to your demographic? Find a problem common to your niche and develop a solution based on your expertise. People will find your services more valuable when you solve a problem for them. Results are proof of the process! What should your group members be able to do once they complete your program? Begin with the desired outcome and work backward to figure out the steps, bearing in mind where your average client is likely to be starting out.

#3 Focus on Engagement and Gather Feedback

Your first group coaching program may challenge your current skill set, but the growth and benefits will be worth it. While training for coaching skills is available, the experience of doing it will often teach you more than most courses can, online or in person. Live meetings are the best way to conduct your group coaching sessions, but most coaches will agree that the easiest format in today’s world is through short videos followed by a group call.

Here are some of the major points to keep in mind for your group coaching program:

  • Your program should engage your members and get them involved
  • The focus should be on the outcome (what you want people to achieve)
  • In your live sessions, divide your attention so everyone gets a chance to talk
  • Plan your live group sessions with plenty of interaction, always leaving time for members to ask questions or get any individual help they need
  • Whether live or online, listen well, and seek feedback to make sure your members are on track.

Gather feedback while your coaching program is in session so you can correct anything that’s off-course. How can you determine an individual’s progress with your program? You need to make sure your program is helping its members achieve their goals. While your coaching program is winding down, follow up with members and ask them how it helped them and if they have suggestions for improvements. When the course is complete, evaluate the results for your business.

By following these considerations, you should end up with a good basic framework for your first group coaching program. You can continue to improve, develop and expand upon this initial program once you have offered it and evaluated the results. Don’t forget to celebrate your success!

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