I’m an entrepreneur myself, and I understand what it’s like to bootstrap up and do all the things in your biz. And when you’ve been wearing all the hats, delegating projects and tasks to others can be a challenge. 

As an online business manager, I’m committed to using my education and background in administration, management, and corporate customer care to bring efficiency and growth to exceptional businesses like yours.

My mission is to help grow and scale your business by streamlining your business systems, team management, and daily operations. If you’re ready to delegate and free yourself from working IN your business instead of ON it, let’s chat.

At first, delegating may feel like a big challenge or even a bit of a weakness. If you’ve been the only one juggling tasks and being responsible for everything, it’s likely that you feel burdened yes, but you may also feel like you can’t let go.

When you’re gripping something tightly for so long that your hand has locked up, it can be difficult to open up. But knowing when to allow your business to open up to growth and add team members is powerful.

As you built the business, you may have had to learn a million things and do it all, but knowing and accepting when it’s time to step into your leadership position can be a powerful moment of growth for you and your biz.

The benefits to you and your business will be well worth it. Hiring a team (even of one) places you into your CEO role where you lead.  Proper delegating:

  • Allows you time for planning and working on your own development.
  • Empowers your team members to flourish and grow their confidence and skills.
  • Encourages communication and diverse ideas that can benefit your business.
  • Stimulates creativity and trust.

Sounds great right? With a trained team, proper delegation, and systems in place you can feel joyful about your business again. You’ll no longer feel stuck or stagnant. You can create a bigger impact in your client’s lives and gain balance back in your own life.

Use the button below to request a brief discovery call so we can meet and chat about how I may be able to help you. I look forward to it!

"Kelly helped take the weight of day to day operations from my shoulders. She made sure things got completed and was able to come in and help improve the bottom line when we were struggling with cash flow and debt. She’s been a lifesaver!"
S. Smith
She Has Been A Livesaver!
"Kelly developed our email marketing list and helped increase our local reach with Facebook ads and social media outreach. She managed the team and operations when I needed to step back in order to focus on my personal life. I would recommend her to anyone needing help with managing or scaling their business."
L. Davenport
I Highly Recommend!

I’m from the U.S. and I live in the beautiful state of Kentucky near the Cumberland River.

I have two female dachshund dogs who are never far from me… They help keep me in line! This is Claire.

I love to cook for family and friends, especially ethnic food. This is a Korean dish ‘gimbap’, one of our favorites! It’s served with a soy sauce and wasabi. 

Take your time back

Schedule a 30-minute discovery call and we’ll talk about your business, where you’re headed, where the main bottlenecks are, and what we can do to help get you back to working ON your business instead of in it!

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